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We are growing into a world-class secondary battery company based on stable technology and product robustness.

Creating value through hopes and dreams

Walk down a path no one has taken, brighten the world, We are drawing our time.

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Through many years of investment in R&D and uncompromising quality, we have emerged as the best electric vehicle battery parts and materials company.

Leading technology through innovation

Based on technology leadership through innovation, we lead the secondary battery market and present a new paradigm.

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It improves the performance of secondary batteries by providing excellent conductivity and electrochemical stability.

Silicon/graphene composite anode material for secondary batteries

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JNC Materials’ unique reduced graphene/silicon mass production process method We have improved price competitiveness by streamlining the mass production process.

Electronic materials



electronic material

product line created with stable technology.

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Thermal Interface Material

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Heat Pipe & PHP(Pulsating Heat Pipe)


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